Tax Advice

Have you got a transaction that's a bit unusual? Maybe you just can't afford to get it wrong. Get peace of mind with tailored advice from an expert.

From the simple to the tricky

It doesn't matter what questions you have.  We have the resources to make sure you get the best possible outcome.

Whatever you've got...

We can handle the full range of tax compliance obligations no matter if you are an individual, running a business, part of a partnership, executor of an estate or managing a trust. We're available to help all year round, answer your questions, provide advice and liaise with IRD.

Second Opinions

Have you been talking to your accountant about something important in your business and the answer you got didn't quite seem right?  Or did they seem a bit hesitant or unsure when giving their answer.  We can help with a second opinion to check their advice.  If you want, we'll even do it without them knowing!

IRD Disputes

We fight for our clients.  Sometimes the IRD aren't right, but you don't have the expertise to know when they are taking an investigation too far.  Give us a call and we can go in to bat for you because we know the Income Tax Act 2007 inside out and back-to-front.  Make those grey areas work for you, not against you!

Tax Planning

Whatever the need, we can help you understand and proactively manage your tax obligations. Business, retirement, succession, investment and corporate - we have the skills and experience to assist.